The Eating Disorders Program

Monmouth Psychological Associates

620 Shrewsbury Ave, Suite D

Tinton Falls, NJ 07701 (At GSP Exit 109)

P: (732) 530-9029    F: (732) 530-0387

Our Philosophy

At Monmouth Psychological Associates, we believe that eating disorders are serious illnesses which must be treated by an interdisciplinary team consisting of a psychotherapist experienced with eating disorders, a nutritionist, and a medical doctor.

We also believe that the thinking and behaviors that make up the eating disorder are really just the tip of the iceberg. The part of the iceberg that we can see consists of behaviors related to food and weight, obsessive thoughts, and body image distortion, while underneath is a huge, complicated structure related to self-esteem, adjustment disorders, development, trauma, identity, and countless other issues. In treatment, it becomes the goal of the patient and the therapist to explore the portion of the iceberg below the water, while the patient and the nutritionist attempt to manage and control the behaviors that are unhealthy and preoccupying.

Our goals are to help individuals with eating disorders recognize that they have a life-threatening (and life-sapping) illness, develop control over their unhealthy behaviors, gain insight into underlying psychological issues, and achieve a well-defined path of recovery. We work with each patient to implement these goals through our outpatient facility, which provides structure, support, and hope for the patient on his or her journey toward recovery. Each treatment plan and approach are individualized ... patients are not "plugged" into a program. Special care is taken to holistically assess the total needs of the patient given the presence of the eating disorder in what may be a very full, busy life.